Operational 174

Relevant collaborative meetings between the region and the municipality and networking meetings with participation of parents held as a video meeting
6 days-blood sugar
Age-related Macula Degeneration (AMD) Treatment and review Bornholm
Untranslated: AmbuFlex screening af angst og depression af hjertetransplanterede
App for ostomy patients
Beam - Telepresence robot
Description of diagnostic material at a distance
Image communication between eye wards and Rigshospitalet regarding retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)
Bipolar Illness Onset study (BIO)
Bladder scanner
Testing of Pexip
Untranslated: CardioMEMS - trykmåler til patienter med svær hjertesvigt
Cystic fibrosis - home monitoring
Image sharing between health professionals
Dementia - an introduction- videoconference
The Digital Health Centre - Digital patient education
Eye screening in Diabetes
Diabetes control in the home (paediatrics)
Diabetic retinopathy screening
Digiphysio, training
DigiRehab in the city of Kalundborg
Digital image communication between eye wards and Rigshospitalet regarding retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)
Untranslated: Digital forløbsguide
Digital registration of TOBS (Early Discovery of Incipient Disease) and Alteration table
Electronic grouping
Exorlive - Digital supported training
Remote telemetry of patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Photo screening for diabetic retinopathy
Frozen section microscopy
Home monitoring of ICD units
Untranslated: Hjemmemonitorering af pacemaker- og ICD-patienter
Heart valve conference
Cardiology conference with OUH
Horsens Camera
IKT supported communication between patients and staff in the Radiology Department in the Regional Hospital in Silkeborg
Info/planning boards
International Normalised Ratio (INR) measurement
Internet-based treatment for health anxiety
Internet psychiatry
Ischaemia conference
It-solutions for citizens with dementia and problems with orientation
Clinical video conference, Genetic diagnosis
KMD Viva in rehabilitation and home support area
COPD online initiative
Untranslated: KOL test mailservice
COPD - Competence Centre
Meeting about patients with endocarditis
Learn to tackle anxiety and depression.
Life line
Respiratory medicine videoconference collaboration between Viborg Regional Hospital and AUH
Breast conference
MDT - multidisciplinary conference
MDT meeting
Breast MDT
MDT meeting prostate cancer - SLB, OUH, SVS
MDT conference prostate cancer - SLB, SVS
Multi disciplinary team meeting bowel cancer
MDT-conferences in urology/oncology
Metatstsis with unknown primary tumour (MUP)
My digital daily life
My ePregnancy
My Video Doctor
My Course in Region of Southern Denmark
MMC - MyMedCards
Multidisciplinary teleconference breast cancer
National distribution Telemedicine for citizens with COPD
National distribution of telemedical wound assessment
Untranslated: National udbredelse af telemedicinsk sårvurdering
Care citizen portal
Newborn on the labour ward in Horsens who need to be clarified or have symptoms, can be seen by doctors at AUH Skejby (Aarhus Unniversity Hospital Skejby) via videoconference
Online medical consultation in the home of the citizen
Follow-up of diabetes treatment in paediatrics
O academy, at present on standby as none of the municipalities have the technology spare
Parkinson's disease Outpatient
Staff screens at the care centre
Practical Care in health services (PPS)
Pre-hospital Patient Journal (PPJ)
WebPatient - Patient reported information (PRO) in general practice
Untranslated: PRO spørgeskema til epilepsipatienter
Professional brain trainer
Recovery Record
COPD rehabilitation online
COPD rehabilitation online
COPD rehabilitation
Rheumatology meeting with OUH
Ulcer treatment
Ulcer treatment
Project pulseoximeter
Scanning with use of telemedicine
Remote reading of pacemaker/ICD
Self-controlled anti-coagulation treatment
Skype conferences gynaecologi and obstetric
Streamcom - Videostream from ambulance to clinic
Study room for EEG
Team board temporary residence Egebo
Tele ECG
TeleCare North - Offer for citizens with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Teledermatology, Ministry of Health for the Faroe Islands
Teledermatological advice, National Dermatology Centre, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Telemedicinal treatment of ulcer - carenet (Plejenet)
Telemedical ECG -preadmission assessment
Telemedical heart valve conference
Telemedical ischaemia conference
Telemedicine solution for patients in autonomous anticoagulation treatment
Untranslated: Telemedicinsk optitrering af hjertesvigtspatienter
Pre-hospital telemedical diagnosis of acute cardiac patients via tele-ECG
Telemedical sore evaluation
Telemedical service for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Telemedical health hot spot in the Hospital Unit in Horsens
Telemedical delivery of blood
Telemedical study for the investigation of arrhytmias and tachycardias
Telemedical self help groups
Tele-neurological consultation for Greenland
Tele psychiatry
Telehealth COPD
Teleinterpreting/ Telesigning
Tele discharge
Early detection
Telemedical clinic, description of visual diagnostic material at the Telemedical clinic in Barcelona
TMDS - Video consultation dialysis
Wireless mini pacemaker
Multidisciplinary breast meetings between the sites at Hospital of Southern Denmark
Distribution of blood products using another register
Practical Procedures in Health Services (PPS)
Video conference, discharge meeting
Knowledge about the dementia app
Video otoscope and video conference
The use of videos in doctors' conferences
Video conferencing
Videoconferencing in psychiatry for co-operation and education between health care professionals in Midts Region Centre for Eating Disorders
Video conference in connection with neurorehabilitation
Video conferencing lung cancer
Videoconference stomach and intestinal surgery
Video conference between microbiologists and intensive care departments
Video conferencing between general practitioners and hospital specialists
Videoconference oncology
Videoconference ear/nose/throat
Video conference in the Department of Infectious diseases Q
Video conferencing upon discharge
Video conferencing
Video conferencing for the discharge of neuro-rehabilitation patients
Video consultation for patients that are discharged from the maternity ward
Video consultations in the psychiatry
Video consultations in Psychiatry
Video interpretation
Video interpretation
Video visits in acceptance of psychiatric patients in Risskov of patients from Silkeborg.
Video visits in psychiatric reception in Risskov of patients from Viborg - Skive
Virtual home care
Virtual home care - screen visit
Virtual Cognitive Treatment
Vision TEK, sumultaneous diagnostic conference/ technical discussion of pathology specimens
Evaluation of video recordings of echocardiolography
Web patient

Project 71

Testing of Pexip
Citizen portal
The virtual outpatient clinic, Medical Department, Holbæk Hospital
Dia Conversation - video consultation for Diabetes
DigiCorpus, the younger knee patient
Digital patient recall
Digital rehabilitation
Digital specialist clinic (PreCare)
Doctor's Partnership, Vejle Hospital - The Patient's Cancer Hospital
Home monitoring of arthritis patients
Untranslated: eMindYourHeart - Internetbaserede behandling af depression og angst hos patienter med hjertesygdom
CSC Vitae (EOJ-system)
EU-project Master Mind
Prevention of discovery
Untranslated: Future Patient atrieflimren
Untranslated: Future Patient Hjertesvigt
Generic Tele Medicine Platform (GTP)
Quality of life in patients with myeloproliferative cancer
Home monitoring COPD
Home monitoring of children with ADHD regarding adjustments of medicine
Home monitoring CPAP
Home monitoring of patients with heart failure
Quick discharge
Internet-based treatment of young people with anxiety
Internet-produced cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia among women treated for breast cancer.
IV home treatment
Pathological gambling treatment in your own home
Lung fiibrosis
Neuro Conversation - Video consultation for neurological outpatient clinic
Online COPD rehabilitation
Online rehabilitation
Patient reported information integrated in the review of patients with haematological cancers
Untranslated: PRO spørgeskema til patienter med metastatisk brystkræft
Project "Body and Mind"
Project online home support
Self management of anticoagulation via telemedicine
On-screen visits
Screen visit in home care
Sleep apnoea
Tele-produced mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
TeleCare North
Telemedical treatment of diabetes
Telemedical intervention to young people with dysregulated type-1 diabetes
The telemedical solution as motivational support for ongoing physical activity in patients with type 2 diabetes in community rehabilitation - a multidisciplinary randomised controlled study
Teleneurological cooperation between Greenland's Health Authority and Zealand's University Hospital
Tele psychiatry
Telepsychiatric support to Egely
Telehealth platform Remind
Cross-sectoral ward round
Video living support between pedagogic staff and people with autism
Video outpatient department nearby
Video based rehabilitation
Video conference for health professionals regarding COPD patients/citizens
Video conference in general practice
Video consultation for neurorehabilitation
Virtual Rehabilitation
Virtual home and nursing care
Virtual review home visit
Virtual training - training at home
Our Conversation - Video consultations at psychiatric hospitals
Welfare Denmark, virtual rehabilitation for the vulnerable elderly

Project 50

ADHD Communication
Testing of the medication memory Dosecan
Aid Cube, follow-up testing of Home Rehab
AMOR Acoustic Monitoring of Obstetric Risks
Citizens' media centre
The Digital Roads
Diabetic complications
Digital Patient platform
Digital ambassadors
Home monitoring for diabetes in pregnancy
Home monitoring of lung function in patients with Cystic Fibrosis
The Holstebro Project - the incidence of increased blood pressure in those aged 55-64
Horsens at the Front Edge of Health
Icura - interactive training technology
IT support of home exercise in the rehabilitation of geriatric patients
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Live 2.0
Life's app'tite
Market research for a digital health platform
Emergency alarm watches
Online Welfare. Focus: Preventive training
Online Welfare. Focus: Patient orientated
Partnership project regarding Integrated Care with Odense municipality
PIH - Patient interactive Websites
Pilot test with E-medlink CSC
Test handling DoseCan - Home Care Vinderup District
Test treatment: Safe in your own home
Relevant collaborative meetings between the Psychiatric Department P, Aarhus University Hospital Risskov and Aarhus Municipality conducted as a video meeting
RRS (Remote Rehabilitation Support)
Co-operation within old age psychiatry between the sectors
Co-operation across the Atlantic
The Shared Care Platform - Electronic pregnancy journal
The Shared Care Platform - Head Injuries in children and young people
The Shared Care Platform - Cardiac treatment
The Shared Care Platform - Cancer rehabilitation and palliation
The Shared Care Platform - Psychiatry WEst Jutland
Shared Care-platform
Special help for the treatment of diabetic foot wounds in the home.
Tele Home (FINISHED)
Telemedical home blood pressure treatment: Efficacy, quality of life and cost efficiency
Telemedical Home Blood Pressure monitoring - Investigation of the validity of telemedical transmitted home blood pressures
Back to normal life following heart disease; telemedical physical rehabilitation in own surroundings
Training app for psychiatric patients
Welfare screen / Structure in daily life
Virtual home visit
Vivitel - Visitation on the background of vital telemedicine

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