Ambulances sends electrocardiogram (ECG) through telemedicine to ward S1 and the cardiological attending physician. The primary focus is patients with chest pain and/or suddenly emerging breathing difficulties. Afterwards, patients with immediate need for angioplasty of the heart's coronary are referred directly to Aalborg University Hospital. In case there is no need for an immediate angioplasty, the patient will be referred to the nearest hospital.

Cardiological officer = the supervising nurse is informed about pre-hospital ECG from Falck by an alarm from the computer. The officer handles the ECG by following existing guidelines, which ensures the patient a fast diagnostic and start of relevant treatment.

Operational on: 2005-05


Number of hospitals participating: 1



  • Lene Sommerdahl
    Job: ·Konstituerende ledende lægesekretær, Kardiologisk Speciale, sengeafsnit S1, Aalborg UH - Tlf: 97 66 44 00 - E-mail:

  • Søren Aagaard
    Job: Chefkonsulent, Den Præhospitale Virksomhed (DPV) - E-mail:


  • Specialist (state specialism)
  • Nurse
  • Secretary
  • Patients and citizens elsewhere


  • Hospital ward

Disease areas

  • Cardio-vascular system

Course programs

  • Cardio-vascular disease


  • Radiology
  • Diagnosis
  • Remote treatment
  • Hospital preparatory work


  • PC
  • Other technological solution

Parties - Public-private innovation cooperation: Yes

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Northern Denmark Region
  • Aalborg University Hospital - Aalborg Kardiologisk Sengeafsnit S2

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