Wireless mini pacemaker


The patient gets a pacemaker implanted. It is small enough to be placed inside the heart. It is wireless and is powered by a small ultrasound device which is implanted a different place in the chest.

The patient receives a monitor to bring home and place in the bedroom or near the bed. From here data will be sent to the pacemaker outpatient department via mobile networks or the internet.

Operational on: 2005-05


Number of hospitals participating: 1

Not stated.


  • Inger Thomsen
    Job: Kardiologisk speciale, AalborgUH


  • Specialist (state specialism)
  • Nurse
  • Patients and citizens in their own home


  • Hospital ward

Disease areas

  • Cardio-vascular system

Course programs

  • Cardio-vascular disease


  • Consultation between specialist staff and patient
  • Monitoring and surveillance
  • Remote treatment


  • Home monitoring

Parties - Persons Responsible

Northern Denmark Region
  • Aalborg University Hospital - Aalborg Kardiologisk Sengeafsnit S2