Video conferencing for the discharge of neuro-rehabilitation patients


The Regional Hospital in Skive has expanded its area of cover in 2009, which has led to a decrease in the number of participating visitors to the discharge conferences, and at the same time this was very expensive for the municipalities. Therefore they wanted to develop a videoconferencing system to use for the discharge meetings. The videoconferencing system is used when patients, the hospital and the municipality need to plan together the patient's discharge from the neurorehabilitation services for continued treatment and rehabilitation in the community.

Operational on: 2009-01


Number of municipalities participating: 4
Number of hospitals participating: 1

2014: Of the 452 inpatients, there were videoconferences in approximately 380/400 occasions.


  • Niels Estrup Andersen
    Job: Ingeniør, Hammel - Tlf: 21515293 - E-mail:

Parties - Persons Responsible

Central Denmark Region
  • Regional Hospital Viborg, Skive - Restgrp (konv)- Regionshospitalet Viborg, Skive og Kjellerup
Other Persons Responsible
  • Hospitalsenhed Midt

Parties - Users

Central Denmark Region
  • Skive Municipality
  • Randers Municipality
  • Silkeborg Municipality
  • Holstebro Municipality
Other Users
  • Region Midtjyllands afdeling for regionalt sundhedssamarbejde