Diabetic complications


The aim of the project has been to clarify the use of the measuring instrument Vagus™ in general use with patients, together with the general experience during the project. The overwhelming majority of the approximately 200 000 Type 2 diabetics that live in Denmark are seen by doctors that are general practitioners. Danish and international guidelines recommend that all diabetics are seen annually for a thorough annual health check and it is expected that a test for DAN will be agreed in this project. In practice, however it is not possible to investigate the entire large growing population of diabetics to the level of the guidelines. This is because the current technology only exists in a few hospitals, is expensive, difficult and can take hours to complete. To compare, the recommended project can be completed with the handheld measuring instrument Vagus™ in minutes in an outpatient setting, general practice or in the patient's home.

The project has shown that Vagus™ under the conditions that were in place during the project can be used in medical practice and in the patient's home. The project has contributed to research and commercial activity surrounding Vagus™ and society in general in connection with risk stratification of diabetics with regard to early detection of late complications. The expected effect for patient with a national roll-out is huge. The project has confirmed that it is possible to move hospital based investigations out to the general practitioners and from there into the patient's own home to the benefit of the patient. The project has given rise to new learning about field work and realisation of telemedical visions. Concurrently a mass of information about the possibilities of the anthropological method, how field work and analysis can be used in projects such as this.

Starting date: 2010-08
Finishing date: 2011-12


Number of hospitals participating: 1
Number of doctors participating: 1

Actual number of contacts per year: 10


  • Hans Christian Damgaard
    Job: Projektleder, IT-udvikling, Region Midtjylland - Tlf: +45 2327 1878 - E-mail: hansda@rm.dk

Link to further information

http://www.caretechinnovation.dk/projekter/diabkomp/Diabetiske_Komplikationer-projektevaluering.pdf http://www.caretechinnovation.dk/projekter/diabkomp/index.htm


  • Physician (cand.med. [B.Med.])
  • General practitioner
  • Specialist (state specialism)
  • Nurse
  • Patients and citizens elsewhere
  • Patients and citizens in their own home


  • Hospital ward
  • General practice

Disease areas

  • Endocrine/metabolic/nutritional

Course programs

  • Diabetes


  • Consultation between specialist staff and patient
  • Conference (between health professionals)
  • Monitoring and surveillance
  • Remote treatment
  • Patient instruction and advising of patients
  • Cross-sectional collaboration
  • Preventive health work


  • Other technological solution
  • Integration with medical practice system

Parties - Project Owners

Other Project Owners
  • Caretech Innovation, Alexandra Instituttet

Parties - Project Participants

Central Denmark Region
  • Aarhus University Hospital - Diabetes og Hormonsygdomme Sengeafdeling
  • 066079 - Byens Lægehus