Home monitoring for diabetes in pregnancy


Department M in Odense University Hospital has the responsibility of treating the diabetes of pregnancy for the whole of the Region of Southern Denmark. This means that it can be a long journey for the pregnant patient who needs an appointment at least once per week. The aim of the project is to investigate whether the number of outpatient reviews can be decreased and changed to telephone consultations if the pregnant diabetic registers various data regarding food, exercise, medication, measurements and home blood pressure monitoring.

Starting date: 2013-01
Finishing date: 2014-12


Number of hospitals participating: 1

Clinical/technical gains, organisational gains, gains for the patient /citizen


  • Tina Aagaard Bjørnsholm
    Job: Datamanager, OUH - Tlf: 5115 7227 - E-mail: tina.bjoernsholm@rsyd.dk

  • Vibe Vestergaard
    Job: Projektsygeplejerske, endokrinologisk afdeling M, OUH - Tlf: 6541 3612 - E-mail: vibe.vestergaard@rsyd.dk


  • Specialist (state specialism)
  • Nurse


  • Hospital ward

Disease areas

  • Endocrine/metabolic/nutritional

Course programs

  • Diabetes


  • Consultation between specialist staff and patient
  • Patient instruction and advising of patients


  • Shared care-platform
  • PC
  • Integration with sundhed.dk

Parties - Project Owners

Region Southern Denmark
  • Odense University Hospital & Svendborg - OUH Endokrinologisk Afs. MC98 (Odense)