My ePregnancy


The aim is to test the clinical use of telemedical based solutions for uncomplicated pregnancy in conjunction with the patient, the hospital and the midwife consultation. The project will demonstrate that the pregnant lady and their partner can to a much higher degree take part in their own treatment and be taught and be put in the position to interact with the hospital via a telebased solution to communicate combined with home monitoring. This should result in reduced acute hospital admissions for obstetrics. It makes it possible to qualify and individualise the communication between the patient and the midwife/doctor using presentation in the consultations. Aside from this it is expected that the patient is educated to monitor themselves and the patient/their partner gain more knowledge about the pregnancy and birth and this will lead to fewer acute referrals. Use of telebased solutions should furthermore support the patient's course of treatment and cover the work reducing potential of acute referral. Through implementation of my ePregnancy, the patient has the possibility of access to focused and reliable information, so the patient can prepare herself better for every consultation.In this way there is an effect in relation to an increased feeling of self-control, common responsibility, connection and security for the patient and her partner. The aim of my ePregnancy is to: support the patient's active involvement in their care - Empowerment, including communication, information and overview together with home monitoring. Support a connected course of treatment. See whether the number of acute referrals for obstetrics can be reduced. With the demonstration of new consultation methods in the care of pregnant women, this creates a good synergy in the collaboration with the educational institution Metropolitan University College where they want to strengthen the students' abilities regarding innovation and IT based health communication. The collaboration with Metropolitan also ensures that the future health care professionals have experience with IT based solutions in practice. A Student Task Force has been set up with responsibility for developing educational materials regarding diet, smoking, alcohol, exercise, family relations, birth and parenting classes together with the newborn and breastfeeding. There is a mentor attached to each Student Task Force..

Operational on: 2014-12


Number of regions participating: 1
Number of hospitals participating: 2

Other gains, Gains for the patient/citizen, Economic gains


  • Jan Lindblom
    Job: Sundhedsfaglig Koordinator, Telemedicinsk Videncenter - Region h - Tlf: 29664990 - E-mail:

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  • Midwife
  • Patients and citizens elsewhere
  • Patients and citizens in their own home


  • Hospital ward

Disease areas

  • Pregnancy/maternity/contraception


  • Communication support for the patient
  • Patient instruction and advising of patients
  • Hospital preparatory work


  • Home monitoring
  • Web portal
  • Video conferencing system
  • PC
  • Tablet

Parties - Persons Responsible

Capital Region
  • Capital Region

Parties - Users

Capital Region
  • Herlev and Gentofte Hospital
  • Rigshospitalet [The National Hospital] - Rigshospitalet
Other Users
  • Gynækologisk Obsetrisk Afdeling, Herlev Hospital, Professionshøjskolen Metropol