Video based rehabilitation


Citizens receive a tablet with an App which contains their training program. They can see the correct way to practice their exercise. At the end they can document how good they think the exercise is.

Starting date: 2013-06
Finishing date:


We would like to compare 2 groups (each of which contain TKA operated patients who consent to participation) Of these the first 15 will be taken out to test the rehabilitation course. The remaining patients will follow the normal rehabiliation course. The patients are chosen continuously so the rehabilitation courses are staggered. Due to the lack of TKA operated patients, we needed to include patients from Haslev which, due to logistical constraints it was necessary to make them the control group. Each group were followed and measured on their self-training frequency, self-monitored rehabilitation, pain and motivation for further training after the end of the rehabilitation process.


  • Martin HÃ¥kan
    Job: Konsulent i Center for Sundhed og Pleje - Tlf: 21341590 - E-mail:


  • Physiotherapist

Disease areas

  • Muscular and skeletal systems


  • Training and rehabilitation


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